Joomdle lets you sell Moodle courses through Joomla, either by using Moodle's Paypal features or by integrating any of the supported e-commerce Joomla extensions.  See below for the list of Joomla e-commerce extensions that are supported.


Using an e-commerce extensions has the added benefit of being able to purchase multiple courses at once.  Therefore, you can:
  • give your users a better shopping experience;
  • reduce transaction fees; and
  • use other payment methods aside from Paypal.


Supported e-commerce extensions

Currently, the supported Joomla e-commerce extensions are:

  • Virtuemart
  • Tienda


Setting Up: One, Two, Three, Go

  1. First, you need to ensure that the e-commerce extension you have chosen is installed and configure to work with  "normal" non Moodle products.
  2. Then, configure Joomdle to integrate with your e-commerce extension.
  3. Once configured, access the Shop section in Joomdle's Admin Panel to enable the courses you wish to sell.




Selling courses through Moodle's Paypal

Moodle integrates directly with Paypal without the need for 3rd party Joomla e-commerce extensions.  Currently support is offered for Paypal forms and not Paypal pro.  Refer to the Moodle documentation for setup and configuration details

Recognising this feature, Joomdle has been written to take advantage of Moodle's Paypal integration by displaying a Paypal button along with Moodle course details.  If selected the user will be redirected to purchase the course using Moodle's Paypal integration to complete the payment.

Refer to Joomdle's documentation Wiki for more details on setting up and configuring Joomdle e-commerce functional.

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