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White Water
 News forum
Section 1
 Task: Signing up for your own Moodle Course
 Activity: View these Atomic Learning Videos
 Forum: Intros
Green Water


 Activity: Invite two teachers
 Activity: Visit other teacher's Moodle courses


 Task: Create a "Social" Forum
 Task: Post to the News Forum
 Task: Create labels
 Task: Create web links


Section 3

There are two basic types of assignments--online and offline.
Here is a flow chart of how assignments work in Moodle.


Directories can display files. It's a good idea to setup a file structure for a course early on, even if you don't display directories. Otherwise your course documents might start looking like your desktopsmile

 Directory of Course Files for Blended Moodle

 Activity: Watch Atomic Learning Tutorials
 Task: Create Assignments in Your Moodle
 Task: Create File Structure for Course
 Forum: Assignments in Moodle
Section 4
 Activity: Choice: What would you rather be doing?
 Activity: View Atomic Learning Tutorials
 Task: Exploring Using Google Spreadsheets to collect info

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