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Digital Photography: Topics

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Your computer is your darkroom.

Your software is free.
The world is your gallery.


Section 1
CC License: Paul NelsonAssignment:
The People In Your Life

This is your first photo assignment. We'll start with something important, the people in your life. During this course we'll learn about lighting, composition, camera options and photo editing but none of those skills alone can make a great photograph. It takes YOU to make a great photograph. Enjoy your first lesson!

Note: You may not have the skills yet to be a great portrait photographer but don't let that hold you back. There's something magical about the human face and a great smile goes a long ways towards making an average photograph a great one. As you progress through the course, continue to take portraits and experiment with new techniques as you acquire them.

Section 2
CC License:
Senior Photo Shoot
You have seniors in your school who will enjoy posing for this assignment. Consider everything you're learning about light, lines, texture and composition and you'll end up with some great photos.

Tip: USE A TRIPOD. Nothing ruins a great photo like camera shake. Don't risk blurry photos. Use a tripod.
Section 3
CC License:
Lines Pattern Texture

Look around and you'll find interesting patterns and lines everywhere. Looking with a photographer's eye can can you find an abstract image in the real world?

One place to look is in the school parking lot. Use your macro setting and get up close to shoot some tail light lenses. Look for water drops on paint and reflections on glass to find color, light and patterns.
Section 4
CC License:
Backgrounds and Wallpapers

What is the perfect background? Most are sized at 1024x786 pixels or larger and have interesting shapes and patterns. Some are landscapes or funny scenes. Find yours and you can upload it to Flickr's collection.
Section 5
CC License - Paul Nelson - MoodleCommons.orgAssignment:
Still Life Photography

A still life is a portrait of a thing as opposed to a person. The good news is that things don't complain when you pose them in odd positions for long periods of time. Be sure to explore shooting from different angles under different lighting conditions.
Section 6
CC License:
Themed Photo Shoots

Turn your photographer's eye loose on your city this week. The first theme is street photography. The second theme is age.
Section 7
CC License;

We're not talking about the framing that holds up the walls of a house and we ARE talking about more than picture frames. Framing in photography can be around, behind and/or in front of the subject. See the framing tips resource for some good examples.
Section 8
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Exploring Light
and Color

Backlight, sidelight, complementing colors, contrast... In this lesson you'll explore how to use light and color to make your images exciting.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to different color combinations and images with depth of contrast created by light and shadow. You can use both to create interesting photographs.

Section 9
Panoramic Photography

CC License: OregonPhotoBlog - Nelson's photo class 2005

Panoramic photographs were popular 100 years ago. Take a look at the fill-size version of the photo above and you can see there are lots of ways to have fun with these kinds of photographs.
Section 10
CC License: OregonPhotoBlog.orgAssignment:
Photo Essay

Your final project will be a photo essay. First we'll take a look at photo essays from other photographers. Then you will create your own photo essay. Your work in this assignment will showcase much of what you have learned in this course.

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