Moodle Features

 News forum

Assignments enable teachers to grade and give comments on uploaded files and assignments created on and off line.

 Assignment module documentation

The chat module allows participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion via the web.

 A repeating chat
 An open chat
 Chat module documentation

Here a teacher asks a question and specifies a choice of multiple responses.

 A choice with anonymous results
 A choice with non-anonymous results
 Choice module documentation

The database module enables participants to create, maintain and search a bank of record entries.

 Image gallery
 A database of web links
 Database module documentation

Forums provide the opportunity for asynchronous discussions.

 A standard forum for general use
 Each person posts one discussion
 A single discussion
 Forum module documentation

The glossary module enables participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary.

 A dictionary-style glossary
 An FAQ-style glossary
 Glossary module documentation

A lesson activity presents a series of pages to the student, who is usually asked to make some sort of choice below the content area. A lesson activity allows the teacher to create an adaptive learning experience, without direct teacher interaction.

 Lesson 1 - Basic parts
 Lesson 2 - Question types
 Lesson module documentation

This module allows the teacher to design and set quiz tests, consisting of multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions and more. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback and/or to show correct answers.

 A listening quiz
 A quiz with a password
 Quiz module documentation

Teachers can provide course resources in various formats - pages edited in Moodle, uploaded files or web links.
Note: This text is an example of a resource type called 'label'.

 A web page
 An image
 An MP3 file
 A directory
 Resources documentation
SCORM packages

SCORM is a collection of specifications that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of web-based learning content.

 eXe SCORM package
 SCORM module documentation

Teachers can use surveys to gather data from their students that will help them learn about their class and reflect on their own teaching.

 Critical Incidents survey
 Constructivist On-line Learning Environment Survey (COLLES)
 Attitudes to Thinking and Learning Survey (ATTLS)
 Survey module documentation

A wiki is a collection of web pages that anyone can add to or edit.

 Course summary wiki
 Wiki module documentation

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